Never A Dull Moment...


I swear, there is never a dull moment in my life. Just when I think that things are going to go as planned, or just smoothly… Nope!

Today I was scheduled to go for my follow up ultrasound to see how Little Miss A has progressed in the past two weeks since my ultrasound, and amnio. They wanted to check her growth again because of our number of concerns.

But even before I made the drive my morning started with a huge road block. My babysitter for the day, my lovely mother… woke up with the flu. Icky!   I felt horrible because after that went through our house I feel horrible for anyone who comes in contact with it.  Thankfully I don’t think we gave it to her since we were over it before invading her house this weekend.

Then my two back up babysitters were unavailable.  I know it was last minute, so it was really a pipe dream, but its life.  So off we went to the ultrasound as a family.  Myself, my three year old, and 22 month old… And I was worried!

I made sure to stock up on snacks and toys before even leaving the house because I knew that would be the make or break factor of the entire adventure. Thankfully minus a 22 month old that repeatedly said “I’m mad” for the majority of the ultrasound, it went off pretty much without a hitch.

As for Little Miss A, there isn’t much of a change per say.  She is still in the 17th% for growth, but staying in that percentile means she did grow over the past two weeks, and there is no need to talk delivery… yet.  So the date continues to be set for May 3rd at this point in time.

I follow up in another three weeks.  Which will most certainly be the last scan because I am scheduled to deliver two weeks after that. Hopefully May 3rd will continue to be our day, and we won’t have any more bumps in the road over the next couple weeks.

Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers over the past couple bumpy weeks!

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