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New Kid On The Block

By Selena Mae |

32 weeks in the hot, hot heat with my 19 mo. old wee strappin' lad...

I’m not gonna lie. When I received an email from Babble’s blog editor, I nearly deleted it without even opening it. I then promptly felt ill with nervous excitement when I realized what it was and didn’t. On one of those days when the email over-floweth, my calendar was busting at the seams with deadlines and I was click happy with coffee in hand. Studiously making it all go away. But wait…what’s this? Did my eyes read right? An invitation to blog on Babble? Huzzah. Could I? Can I? Gulp. 

When it comes right down to it, for all of my accomplishments, I’m a fairly humble lass. Which mixes well (for the most part), next to my more vibrant; shall we say, feisty traits? Yes, I have a blog, which I contribute to. Periodically. A place where I share recipes, have a good kvetch here and there, advocate for my community and peoples, and anything else I darn well fancy to write about. Not organized in the least, nary a ‘Wordless Wednesday,’ or a, ‘Fashion Friday from me.’ Not that there’s anything wrong with that, if that’s your schtick. I hear from the ‘experts’ that’s the way to go to build your readership. Create your niche, your brand; be consistent, that and comment on other blogs.

It’s just that, as a writer, I never felt I was a particularly…shall we say, advanced one. I take more time than the average blogger me thinks, my posts often turning into novella’s of sorts. Having forayed into the blogsphere just after the birth of my sweet baby boy and starting up my own small crafty business much around the same juncture; time was, and continues to be – sparse. I made some smart/hard decisions, regarding effective time management lest the stress monster eat me and to stay home after my mat leave ended. Such as leaving my seat on the board for this awesome little Canadian Folk Festy and my rewarding position as Director of Membership, Volunteer & Fundraising Services the Native Canadian Centre of Toronto. As life often does, other opportunities came my way. I can admit to being a tad bit nutters when it comes to involving myself in projects and perhaps being that type who just loves to work.

I need to challenge myself and delve into uncharted territory, tapping into the gifts I know I possess, in order to be happy and feel fulfilled. As soon as I discovered I was pregnant this sort of awakening began. Aside from wanting to be the best momma could be. Continually making family and my boy’s care top priority…I mean, I was always a bit of a go-getter, but I was also known as quite the dark/’troubled’ party girl in my younger years, many I am sure (including me) – not confident of where I would end up. There are reasons for that, of such accordance I shall spare you from. This time. Because; as it turns out, not every article needs to be a novella, although I DO believe in sharing. I believe our stories, from the beautiful to the tragic, can be powerful. That our voices can heal, inspire, awaken, humour and educate one another, if we let them.


So. This is but a small part of my story, one that I may get back to here and there. Overall, I’m here to talk about my most challenging, most life-altering, most amazing and rewarding job as of yet, being an expectant mom. From the heartache of being told was told it wasn’t in the cards for me, to the everyday trials and tribulations of now – expecting #2! I am honoured to be sharing the panel with such established, professional writers and I hope to continue to be a source of quality content to satisfy the masses. I can’t promise not to ruffle some feathers at times, but I can promise that I am a subscriber to the mantra of the, let’s-support-one-another more-rather-than-judge, ilk. Which is hard at times, I know, but I try. Riding a fine line between just that: sharing in my journey of Being Pregnant, along with my own researched opinions on such relatable topics. The internets shall get me, I suppose. What do you want to hear about from this Anishinaabe/Canadian mama?



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Selena Mae

Selena Burgess is crafty, a culinary expert, and a professional wrangler of the toddler variety. When the chaos permits, she writes stories and is addicted to documenting everyday life. Selena is proud of her Anishinaabe roots, and is the type of woman you want to revel (or kvetch) in motherhood with. Read bio and latest posts → Read Selena's latest posts →

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29 thoughts on “New Kid On The Block

  1. CDN Mummy says:

    Well since you ask, I’d like to see something on the differences between prenatal care, hospitals and maybe even everyday habits of mothers in the US and mothers in Canada. Are we really more Pro Breastfeeding because I just heard about another breastfeeding sit-in in Montreal recently after a mom was asked to not breastfeed in pubic. This would be interesting to me since I am CDN and we are so similar yet different to our neighbours to the south of us but I also think there can be some positive and interesting comparisons found.

    1. Selena Mae says:

      Well CDN Mummy, those are some great topics! Many of which are on my list to write about. As for basically wondering if we are better than the US as far as birthing/breastfeeding/parenting in general, I will tend to stay away from writing from that angle. Although I do agree positive and interesting comparisons are to be found pretty much everywhere…oh, I’m sure a few can of worms will get opened up.

  2. Sarah says:

    i’m also in canada (toronto) and while i love reading all the different blogs here, it’s hard to know how much translates to us in canada (with regards to prenatal care, mat leave, expenses, etc).

    so welcome!! it’ll be great to see what you have to say!

    1. Selena Mae says:

      Thanks Sarah, I have a few things up my sleeve…

  3. Kim VS says:

    you go girlie!

    1. Selena Mae says:

      ok, I will!

  4. Katherine says:

    Yes, since you’ve opened up this can of worms.. a fellow native from across the gitchie gumi would like to know how you overcame the challenge of fertility – not once but twice!

    1. Selena Mae says:

      @Katherine: No big secret here, to make a long story short (you can get the longer version here I was told by for years that due to heavy scarring in my fallopian tubes I could not become pregnant. That is to say, that even the most dutiful swimmers could not make their way to hit the jackpot. It was something I was told during my self-medicating ‘wild’ days, something which left me feeling raw and even more a failure so I buried it. Years later, the heartache was still fresh and true, as a woman who had done much growing, and was (is) in a stable loving relationship, the ultimate dream for me was to become a mother and make a family.

      The truth? We don’t really know in a way that science would be satisfied by way of explanation of how I, ‘overcame the challenge of infertility’. The scarring is still there. I did not have my tubes flushed out with iodine as I was told was an option. I went into a deep place with the help of my elders, of accepting the cards I was dealt and eventually getting over the bitterness. Many sweats, ceremonies, herbs and genuine regenerative stages later…I became pregnant. To be clear, I was not going through these stages to become pregnant. I was doing it because I was in an unhealthy state about it. The pregnancy was a HUGE and blessed surprise and we decided not to mess with what the Creator has in store for us regarding having children. I want 3, the man wants 2. Heh heh. This is a topic, the healing process regarding my infertility, that I shall talk about in more detail down the road.

  5. Britani says:


  6. ShoSho says:

    you are a beautiful and inspiring woman!!

    1. Selena Mae says:

      @ShoSho – as are you.

  7. Paul says:

    Can’t wait to read more!

  8. natasha says:

    Hi Selena, Its Natasha, the fitness instructor from Baby & Me, I just wanted to say how great you look in your pictures and how excited I am to have a chance to read your blogs. We miss you at Baby & Me!

    1. Selena Mae says:

      @Natasha – Oh man, I miss you guys too! No Baby & Me Fitness in Barrie = huge bummer. Re: not in the cards for you too…but you are now? CONGRATS! xo

  9. natasha says:

    ….oh and I was told a baby was not in the cards for me too!

  10. ceridwen says:

    Welcome to Being Pregnant! I’m looking forward to your perspective.

  11. Jennifer Podemski says:

    I love this article. I relate to you in so many ways, thanks for sending me this link, I look forward to seeing more and to getting a piece of you in person. Great job! From Anishnabe/Israeli/Canadian MAMA with a #2 on the way too!

    1. Selena Mae says:

      @ Jennifer – Beautiful kwe, I look forward to much of the same. Living the dream…

  12. Eden Hertzog says:

    Looking forward to reading your posts! I love your blog, and hope to hear more about how you get ‘er all done and still make beautiful meals for your family :)

    1. Selena Mae says:

      @Eden – oh you’ll know how I do it. By the fantastic support of my family and friends, perhaps with an occasional good rant/breakdown and cry to get it all out on a good friends shoulder. And also by way of a smidgen of that Wonder Woman dust you sprinkle in your cookies

  13. Sarah says:

    So when do you actually sleep??? What is your daily weekly routine as a Mother/Partner/Writter/and CEO of your own Business to care for a 19mth old and being pregnant?

  14. Jennifer says:

    Nicely done, Selena. :)

  15. Dory Smith Graham says:

    Wham- pow! The blogging world needs this Selena flow. Got my ticket and I’m here for the ride.

    1. Selena Mae says:

      @Dory – look who’s riotous now…

  16. Sandy says:

    Yay! So exciting that you’re doing this, you energetic wonderball!

    Excited to read about the new bambino, your yummy recipes, your work, your new life in Barrie… And am also curious as to how you get all this done.

    Go, Selena!


    1. Selena Mae says:

      @Sandy – thanks chickadee. Time management my friend. Weekly massages. Hiring a part-time seamstress and weekly cleaner. Tearing my hair out at times but mostly, getting by on my looks.

  17. CDN Mummy says:

    I’m sorry; I never meant my comment to mean comparisons about one being better than the other at all. When I mentioned the breastfeeding it was because I just read an article about a sculptor in Canada creating a pair of women talking on a bench and one is breastfeeding her baby. The headline indicated that public breastfeeding is more tolerable for Canadians and it was written by an American but I hear about incidents all the time where CDN women are still told to not breastfeed in public even though by law we are allowed. Sorry for any misunderstanding.

    1. Selena Mae says:

      @CDN Mummy – no need for all of the apologies lady! Creating discussion is good, especially on the sensitive subjects – no matter how uncomfortable some people get. I’m glad you clarified for me. Indeed breastfeeding in public is still, unfortunately, a plight against ignorance we are up against; both here and in the States. This is a topic I plan to investigate and talk about in the future. I appreciate your comments, keep ‘em comin’!

  18. ChrisTN says:

    AWESOME, omg yay!!! Welcome, welcome, welcome!!!

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