Newborn Diapering: The Secret to My Sanity


We’re 17 days into life with Henry, and although it’s been quite an adjustment, it hasn’t been as hard as I feared. Well, that may just be the sleep deprivation talking.

Although getting the hang of nursing has been challenging, one of the bigger challenges has been dealing with nighttime diaper changes. Henry is sleeping in our bedroom in a bassinet, and his nursery is upstairs. All… the… way… upstairs. And the last thing I want to do at 3:30 AM is trudge upstairs to change a wet diaper.

The thing that’s saving my sanity? My roaming diaper station – also known as a Target plastic bag. Every night, I make sure it’s stuffed with diapering essentials. I toss a towel down on our downstairs living room rug, and I can do the diapers in the same location that I feed. When I wake up, I toss everything back into the bag and throw it behind the couch. My living room still looks relatively neat and tidy during the day.

Here’s what our plastic bag includes:

  • At least six diapers
  • Wipes
  • Diaper rash oinment
  • Two or three onesies
  • A baby hat
  • Baby socks
  • An extra nightgown
  • A burp cloth
  • An extra towel (in case he pees on the first – it’s happened)

Do you change your baby in the same spot or do you have a roaming diaper station like me?

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