Next Celebrity Home Birth: Selma Blair


Bump Watch 2011!   Guess who is still pregnant?   Celebrity Selma Blair, who I honestly thought was due before me, but I guess not!

I was watching and waiting for her and Pink to pop before I did, but they are still holding in, and our daughter is almost a week old!

But this week I learned a new neat piece of information about Selma Blair and her plans for her birth. She is planning to give birth at home!   Another in a recently growing list of celebrities opting for out of hospital deliveries, which most recently even includes Owen Wilson.

Blair was spotted this week in Studio City leaving a home birth service office after what we can only assume was a prenatal care appointment.

Blair is due any time with her first baby with boyfriend Jason Bleick.

The couple has also decided to keep the gender of the baby a surprise until birth. Any guesses?  I say a little boy!   It seems like there has been a huge boom of little boys recently, heck my daughter was one of the only females delivered while I stayed in the hospital!

I am excited to hear about, and read about Selmas home birth!

photo: PR Photos

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