No Guarantees: Trying to Conceive


We have now entered our 6th cycle of trying for another baby.

With each passing cycle, I tell myself that this will be our month.

And most months, once the initial heartache eases, I am able to rally and focus on the month ahead.

Last month, I worked to find the bright side, bike rides, wine, and coffee.

But this month is proving tougher.

I’m worried that this road to another baby might be even longer than I feared.

This is our last cycle of just trying on our own.

Next month, our struggles will officially be considered secondary infertility and we will have to make the decision to move forward with medical help.

In the meantime, we’re making some changes that are breaking my heart…changes that I hope will help me to finally get pregnant without medical intervention.

But there are no guarantees.

And that’s the most difficult part.