No More Procrastination: Infertility Treatments, Here We Come


I’ve had the stack of forms sitting on my desk for months.

And every month, I swear that I will fill them out.

Yet, I haven’t.

These forms stand between where we are and the fertility treatments that we are slowly coming to accept will be necessary.

I’ve gotten pregnant on my own three times and have never gotten pregnant while undergoing fertility treatment.

So, I just kept kicking the can…telling myself that since we’ve gotten pregnant on our own, surely we could do it just one more time without intervention.

But, here we are.

Still not pregnant.

So, I will fill out the necessary forms and deliver them to my reproductive endocrinologist tomorrow.

We will likely go down the same path we went down before getting pregnant with Katie….with Clomid, HCG shots, and IUIs.

Although I ovulate on my own, Clomid will help my RE to perfectly time my IUI, which will help to increase the likelihood of the sperm actually reaching the egg when it’s needed.

I dread the hot flashes and moodiness and I’m more than a little nervous about having multiples.

But, we’re running out of time and trying on our own just isn’t working.

If you have taken Clomid, did it work for you? Please share your experiences with me.

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