No Two Are Alike


You know how people have a tendency to say, “No two pregnancies are alike.”? For me that has been so true. And if my pregnancy experiences had been reversed, I’m not sure that we would have tried for number two.

My first pregnancy was the stuff mommas-to-be dream of. It was text book easy and wonderful. Sure, I suffered through eight grueling weeks of hanging out over the toilet puking and I had to take the gestational diabetes glucose test twice due to a borderline readout the first time. But, all in all it was a great experience. In fact, I would often tell anybody that asked that I really enjoyed being pregnant.

This time has been so much harder. To begin with, I had two miscarriages last year—both around the 5 week mark. They were devastating and I was convinced that it would continue to happen to me every single time.Then I was diagnosed with MTHFR—which helped explain the miscarriages—and put on several medications to help this pregnancy hold. By the time I hit the 12 week mark I was a little less worried and could stop looking at the toilet paper every time I peed to make sure it wasn’t tinged with blood.

I’m now 24 weeks and wouldn’t you know it, two weeks ago I was diagnosed with Placenta Previa. Not the mild version either but Complete Previa—the worst kind. When I saw my doctor last week she shook her head and said how bad she felt for me that on top of everything that had already happened I would also have to deal with this.

With 16 weeks to go I’m just hoping this is the last of the pregnancy related issues for me. I take my glucose test next week. If I’m diagnosed with gestational diabetes too…well wouldn’t that just be the icing on the cake?