Not Joking: Medical Clowning Helps IVF Patients Conceive!


medical clowningNope, this isn’t a joke or an early April Fool’s Prank.

Another clarification: the medical clowns aren’t getting the IVF patients pregnant, but are helping with the process.

What is Medical Clowning?

Medical Clowning combines the fields of nursing, developmental psychology, physical therapy, history of medicine, along with juggling and improv comedy. The University of Haifa actually offers a degree in medical clowning!

Medical Clowning & IVF Patients

An Israeli study showed that IVF patients who were entertained by a medical clown after embryos were transferred to the uterus were able to more successfully able to laugh. Of 200 IVF patients included in the study – 36% of women who were entertained by a clown after IVF became pregnant – compared to only 20% who conceived without enduring clown entertainment.