NYC Passes Crisis Pregnancy Center Legislation


A New York City council approved legislation that will require Crisis Pregnancy centers to disclose whether or not they provide abortion services. The battle began last year when the proposal first hit the main stage.

At the time I wrote a piece asking if these crisis pregnancy centers were helpful or hurtful to mothers who are looking for pregnancy confirmation without the reported guilt trips these centers sometimes are notorious for using.

One council member who voted on this legislation said:

“Let me be clear—in this legislation we are not targeting pregnancy centers in order to shut them down or interfere with any counseling that they want to provide,” Quinn said. “We just want them to be honest and to say what their services are and not to deceive women.”

“I quite frankly don’t understand why people are afraid of disclosure,” she added. “If you hide what you do, one is only left to believe that you are embarrassed or for some reason you believe the only way you can reach people is through deception.”

Which should be what everyone wants for the women faced with these kind of decisions. No one, whether it is a partner, or councilor at one of these centers should be guilting, or forcing women into, or out of abortions.

This legislation would also disclose whether or not these centers have a medical provider on staff (which many do not), and if they provide referrals to centers for abortion, prenatal care, or emergency contraception.

Both sides of the issue have mixed feelings, but as someone who has seen first hand some of the negative impacts some of these centers can close, I can hope that cities and states across the United States follow suit with New York City.