OBGYN V. Midwife [The Hilariously True Appointment Comparison]

Do you spend a lot of time with your doctor at check-ups?

Here’s a cute phone video-ode to the midwife. I often shy away from the doctor versus midwife debate, just because often black and white arguments don’t match the gray of life. And because I think we might be better off thinking about how midwives and doctors work collaboratively– rather than pitting them against one another. But this video does capture something many women observe in their own pregnancies.

And though midwifery care is on the rise in America, it’s still largely misunderstood. When I was first pregnant I didn’t know midwives were an option, let alone covered by my insurance.

Check out this funny low-tech, compare-and-contrast video and tell us what you think: Will you go for a doctor or midwife?

video: youtube/CandidMommy


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