Amazing Video of Birth in a NYC Taxi Cab!


An Occupy Wall Street videographer caught his baby, literally and then on film. His wife gave birth to their second child quite suddenly in a New York City cab–in the video she says it was a 45 minute labor from the first contraction to the birth. And regarding the cab delivery? It was “easier this way.”

Check out how calm she is and how nicely the baby latches on to breastfeed even with a fair amount of hoopola going on in the ambulance. Also note that mom knew just what to do: “skin to skin.” This is her second kid so that’s likely a big part of the fast labor as well as the extremely calm demeanor. Here’s the video:


And the birth announcement:

“Welcome to the world Mila Amie Economopoulos Jones
Born 6:32 pm 2/20/2012
In the back of a New York City Taxi Cab”
Interesting name choice!