Of Men and La Leche League


Yes, men support breastfeeding too!

This is just an amusing story.  The other day at my husband’s work, there was a “baby expo.”  His company is very family-friendly (very flexible on part-time, work-from-home, pumping rooms for moms, etc.), and so twice a year they throw this baby expo for all the parents in the company.

So, he decided to head on down and see what it was all about.

Most of the tables really weren’t that interesting.  I mean, we don’t need more baby things, we aren’t seeking a new doctor or hospital (ha), and so on.  It was really aimed at first-time mainstream parents…and we aren’t either of those things.

But then he saw the La Leche League table.

Now, my husband is a big supporter of breastfeeding.  He’s totally behind me on extended and tandem nursing, and honestly knows more about the benefits (and reality) than many women I know.  And, he’s not afraid to share it.

So, he heads over to the table.  There are two women staffing it, he guessed they were probably around 60.  And he says to them (paraphrasing): “I just wanted to let you know I think it’s awesome that you’re here, I’m a big supporter of extended and tandem breastfeeding, both of which my wife does.”  He may have said some other stuff; I don’t really remember what he told me and I wasn’t there.

Apparently the women were in complete awe.  I mean, a man, alone, in his mid-20s, approaching a breastfeeding organization to tell them how awesome it is?  I guess maybe that’s practically unheard of.

So, he went on, describing my breastfeeding experience (nursing past age 3, nursing during pregnancy, tandem nursing, etc.).  Now, even for a LLL leader, that’s pretty unusual.  Which I am not, by the way.  I went to a few meetings when my son was little, but I’ve just been, um, rather busy. 🙂  So I haven’t been back.

I guess they were so awed by my unusual experience and his strong support that they wanted us to come and speak somewhere?  I’m not so clear on the details!  They said things like, “You’re a wonderful young father!” and so on, as he described his role in supporting me.

Anyway, I just thought it was awesome that my husband spoke to the LLL on his own about supporting breastfeeding, and how awed they were that he did!

Does your husband/partner support breastfeeding?

Top image by Daquella Manera

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Article Posted 5 years Ago
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