Off We Go: Taking My Mind Off the 2-Week Wait

Our new tent...afternoon naps await me...

We’re in the woods on a 4-day camping trip.

We’re off the grid with some sleeping bags.

Okay, fine, and cots, air mattresses, and a French coffee press, in our new 18′, 3-room tent. On the California Coast.

But, that’s not the point.

The point is, by the time you read this, we’ll be gone.

No wifi. No emails, no Skype, no twitter, no phone calls.

And most importantly, no pregnancy tests to pee on.

This last week of my cycle is the toughest. I’m always tempted to test far too early.

But, I didn’t pack any tests, so I won’t be able to test even though I’ll undoubtedly want to.

I’ll be busy playing, hiking, reading, and taking middle-of-the-day naps.

I’ll be sitting by the campfire at night, talking to the person who has helped me to build this life that I have.

And I will be grateful.

Don’t worry, I’ll be heading into town on Tuesday to grab some wifi and announce the gDiapers giveaway winner!

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