Olive Garden, Red Lobster And Applebees... Oh My!


All you can eat bread... MmmmWanna know what’s all the rage on the internet tonight?  Olive Garden, Red Lobster And Applebees.

Those particular restaurant choices make me think a bunch of pregnant ladies are forcing their husbands to take them out for all you can eat pasta, otherwise, I can’t imagine those three are the top Valentines date destinations.

But then again, as my husband so eloquently wrote about in Tonight We Dine Under The Plastic Crab, I did spend the night of my wedding at Red Lobster, so who am I to talk?

You might think a 39 weeks pregnant woman would be overjoyed at the prospect of dinner at one of the trinity there, but I can’t eat but two bites and I’m full to puking.

And what’s a proper Valentines date without getting totally wasted, arguing with my husband and driving home in silence? Not a proper one, I say! So tonight we’re skipping Olive Garden, Red Lobster and Applebees. And getting wasted, considering my condition.

We’ll just stay home and argue instead. We like to call it: Monday Night.

Happy Valentines Day, everyone!

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