OMG This Baby Was Born With Teeth


Little baby Faye Armstrong of Liverpool was born three weeks early, but she’s quite precocious in the dental department: She’s already got her two front teeth. And now, only two weeks later, a couple of molars have already popped in.

You can guess how Faye’s mother realized she had some newborn chops. Ouch.

Newborn teeth are really rare, but not totally unheard of. According to the pediatrician Dr. Greene, this happens in about one of two thousand newborns. Newborn teeth are called “natal teeth” and may actually be an extra set (though a radiographer would have to establish this). If they are an extra set, they’re sometimes pulled.

Apparently natal teeth can cause problems: a baby is not meant to be wielding actual chops at this age and can accidentally bite or cut his or her own tongue not to mention mom’s poor nipples. Sometimes newborn teeth can be a concern, but in the reports I read there was no mention of any health issues for little Faye.

In fact, her Liverpudlian midwife joked, ‘This little baby certainly got all she wanted for Christmas — her two front teeth!’

photo: artcafe2008/flickr

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