Orgasmic Birth: Are We Missing Out Or Is This Just Weird?


If I were to choose my perfect birth, regardless of my situation, I would be choosing a water birth at home. It looks so peaceful, so ‘natural’ and I imagine I would feel very in control and powerful.

For me, that’s not an option as any pregnancy I have will be considered ‘high risk’ — I will need to be induced and in a hospital setting. That doesn’t mean I don’t have any control though. I can still make my experience the best it can be regardless of being in a medical setting.

I came across this clip from an ABC program with a segment about “orgasmic birth” — curious, my husband and I watched it with an open mind.

My first thought was “this is just weird” — the idea of birth not only not being painful, but being enjoyable. The more I thought about it though, the more my mind began to wonder.  Are we doing this whole ‘birth thing’ wrong? Should it not only be pain-free but enjoyable?

:: Tell me, what are your thoughts about this? Possible? Awesome? Weird? ::

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photo credit: modified via YouTube