Out of Wedlock Pregnancy Taboo Again?


There once was a time when a woman who wasn’t married would receive an insane amount of flack for being pregnant or giving birth when not married. Even ushered over state lines to give birth, and sometimes forced to give their babies up for adoption. How do I know?  Because I have a close family member who went through this during the 1960’s. Certainly sad, but we have come a long way.

At least I thought we did until politician Mike Huckabee slammed Oscar award winning actress Natalie Portman for being pregnant by her fiance Benjamin Millepied.

I was an unwed mother, by choice of course, and eventually my husband and I decided to get married, but it didn’t change the nature of our relationship by any means, even three years later.

During her Oscar acceptance speech, Portman thanked her fiance for the gift of her most important role, and gift… in which Huckabee insisted should have been a wedding ring.

I didn’t get the memo that we transported back to 1950 though.  Maybe Natalie should also quit her job as an actress, and become June Cleaver?

What do you think about out of wedlock pregnancy and birth today?

photo: famecrawler