Padma's Pregnancy Put Top Chef on The Back Burner


Top ChefFor fans of Top Chef, it’s been a longer wait than usual for a new season. Host Padma Lakshmi says her pregnancy was the reason for the hold-up. The season was scheduled to tape when she would have been 8 months pregnant. This was declared impossible, though it’s not clear whether the former model herself or the producers were doing the declaring.

I sort of wish they’d gone through with it as scheduled. Imagine how great it would have been to have a hugely pregnant host! I’d have loved to see Padma padding around with a big belly instead of her usual sylphlike physique. Out of curiosity,  not schaudenfreude.

Padma disclosed this in an interview with the New York Post. She also acknowleged that having a baby has made her less hungry—metaphorically speaking. While she may be less ambitious, when it comes to food, she’s more ravenous than ever. At least now she won’t have to ask the contestants whether the cheese is pasteurized.