Pampers Ad Features Home Birth [VIDEO]


Pampers Features Home Birth In New Ad CampaignPerhaps no voice in the ‘birth wars’ is more inclusive than that of the product pusher.

Pampers has released a new TV ad in Canada (see below) that celebrates all kinds of moms– brown-skinned ones, old ones, pregnant ones, home-birthing ones– because, “However they come into the world, Pampers believes that every baby should be swaddled in the comfort and of our softest diaper ever.”

Among other things, it’s interesting that Pampers thinks it’s worth appealing to the home birth demographic when planned home births make up only 3% of all Canadian births (and less than 1% of births in the US). But might the very image of a home birth in a mainstream ad be a positive step towards normalizing it?

I’m guessing the company is trying to do two things: Get all Benetton on us and stir up attention so that bloggers embed the ad for free; appeal to the natural birth *type* (if not literal home-birthing mother) who may see the featured water birth clip and suddenly associate Pampers/non-cloth diapers with all that joy.

You decide. Video after the jump!