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Part Pregnant Woman… Part Super Hero

By Danielle |

That right there… is my mailbox. You would think it would be connected to a pole at the street, and of course it was until someone decided to hit it last night.  But this is a tale that is going to go down in my neighborhood for ages.  Not because of the substantial damage this driver did, but because of the pissed off pregnant woman who jumped in her mini-van at quarter to one in the morning to find the idiot who did this.

Let me set the scene…

I am in bed, just about ready to fall asleep which is a big enough project for me these days, but after the roller coaster of amnio’s, cramping, and overall third trimester pains this week was a miracle in itself. And I hear this out of control car outside. Of course I jumped out of bed thinking they hit one of our cars because of the sheer amount of noise alone which the car made. I get outside just in time to see the car up on our next door neighbor’s yard and he had hit a tree. The car then proceeds to BACK UP and continue around the tree, back onto the road, and turned at the next side street.

Unlucky for this drunk driver, he hit our mailbox, which has been taken out once a year since we have lived here. Making this the 4th mailbox which was destroyed. I was pissed.

I jumped into my van, and headed up the street I saw the car head down. Two turns later I see a car sitting with their headlights on, but when they saw me on the road, they turned their lights right off and pretended like they weren’t there… Smart right? Because turning your lights off makes you invisible to passing traffic.

That is when my headlights flashed on the car, and I saw the huge front end damage to the car. I slowly drove by, took down the license plate number, which was not hard because it was a custom vanity plate, and I drove back home where I called the cops, and was greeted by a ton of my neighbors wondering what the hell just happened.

Shortly afterward the cop showed up and I gave him all the details, and just as he was taking down my name and the address of my house and mailbox, this car starts driving down the hill. Making a god awful noise, with their flashers on, and smoking! I thought for sure the car was going to light on fire right then and there!

It was the car that did all the damage trying to make his way home! They pull up, and roll the window down and the officer looks at him and asks “What happened here?“   and the young, intoxicated kid looks at the cop with a sad puppy dog looking face and says “I fucked my car up

Really?  That is all you have to say?

Long story short, now I wait for the accident report, and my husband has to go to Home Depot to replace our mailbox yet again, and he is not happy.  Neither am I!

Mailboxes don’t grow on trees!

My neighbors still think it is hysterical that I chased him down at almost 33 weeks pregnant in the middle of the night. But you gotta do what you gotta do!

Enjoy a couple pictures of the damage!

Although I wish I could have gotten pictures last night when pieces of his car were literally all over the street in front of my house.

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0 thoughts on “Part Pregnant Woman… Part Super Hero

  1. Emily McIntyre says:

    Good for you! I’m glad the you caught the guy!

  2. WildernessBarbie says:

    That is so awesome, totally sounds like something I would have done too! Man, I hope that kid learns his lesson good, glad he didn’t kill anyone or himself (this time).

  3. Doreen Lombardo says:

    I’ve done the exact same thing. Good for you for not letting them get away with it. Years ago I was driving at night, around 9 pm and had my daughter and niece in the car. They were probably about 5 and 6 at the time. Some jerk ran a stop sign at top speed. Luckily he didn’t hit me. Well, I followed him, right to his driveway, and blocked his driveway with my car. He sure heard it from me when he got out of his car. He was a punk kid who recently got his license and thought that stop signs in the neighborhood were optional and the speed limit didn’t count.

    Too many people look the other way and run scared. I’m not one who runs scared. I’ve stood up to anyone and have taught my kids the same.

    The problem today is everyone knows they will get away with it. No one fights back these days. They all run scared. If more people fought back, we’d have less jerks out there doing whatever they want.

    You are pregnant, not crippled. Pregnancy wouldn’t have stopped me from doing exactly what you did. Good for you!!!!!!!

  4. Danielle625 says:

    @ Doreen – Exactly. I am not crippled, and I am not going to let someone put an entire neighborhood in danger either. What if he hit a car full of people? What if he hit a house or the bedroom of a child?
    Drunk drivers need to be addressed, and charged!

  5. Doreen Lombardo says:

    I agree 100%. In a few weeks it’s coming up on 20 years since a good family friend was killed at age 19 senselessly by a drunk. We were just talking about that at St. Patrick’s Day dinner when the whole family was together. She was the first of many I know killed senselessly by drunk drivers.

    Again, good for you for doing the right thing. I would have done the exact same thing. Pregnancy never stopped me from anything.

  6. Doreen Lombardo says:

    This post reminds me of something that happened tonight. All the kids were playing out front. They were on bikes, playing basketball at a hoop by the curb, on scooters, etc.

    Some young guy comes flying thru the neighborhood with music blasting and he’s speeding and he ran the stop sign on the corner. Granted it’s new, but still, how do you miss it? He never touched his brake and he was going way too fast for a residential neighborhood where all the kids and the dog were playing.

    I’ve never run a stop sign or a red light. I’ve slowly rolled through a stop sign late at night or in an emergency when NO ONE was there or I’ve gone through a red light, AFTER STOPPING first, when there wasn’t a soul in sight at 2 a.m. because I needed a bathroom really badly. I’ve never once driven while under the influence, certainly never drunk (I’ve never been drunk) and I’ve never driven impaired, ever.

    This kid was blatently speeding, completely ran the stop sign, never touched the brake, was blasting music so loud it was against the noise ordinance (music from parties I’ve given was never that loud) and looked to be stoned, drunk or both. Was slurring his words when my BIL jumped out in front of him pratically, causing him to swerve and then stop. He got an earful by many in the family. I was inside tending to the meal, so I wasn’t personally involved, but heard about it. My BIL threatened to rip him out of the car when he got snotty and he calmed his butt down.

    My BIL basically did what you did. And unfortunately, the cops couldn’t do a thing because the kid lived a few door down and when they got there, he was home and out of the car and there was no real proof he had been driving other than a he said/she said. Do you believe that? Pissed us all off.

    Other than that, our night was awesome and we had a great time. My kids were teens with licneses, and they NEVER drove that way, ever, anywhere. In fact, from day one, my son’s always been the designated driver.

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