PCN Calls For "Showing For Life"


I can’t really say I knew what the PCN was until today. But when I looked a little deeper about the call in show that will hosted Senator Don White calling out to Pro Life Americans to stand with him on this controversial but completely unnecessary legislation that is clearly not creating jobs like the Republican’s said they wanted to do… I have to wonder why the same leaders, and followers of the movement aren’t using their outspoken advocacy for issues that are truly important for Americans right now.

The supporters encouraged:

SPEAK OUT FOR LIFE: Please call PCN at 1-877-726-5001 between 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. on February 28th to ask a question in support of Senate Bill 3. For background information about the bill, please visit .

Last week, but in the article they selected, the left out much information about the legislation in general, clearly from a biased source.

But why should people not be supporting this bill?  Because it is clearly only going to create further problems for American citizens who do not wish for strangers to be involved in their health care choices, including the government. Under the 1976 Hyde Amendment, no tax payer funding is permitted for abortion, simple as that.  Private citizens paying for private coverage, which has nothing to do with tax dollars, or the government funded health programs should not become targets of culture wars, which Republican’s openly stated in November, they were not interested in participating in.

Maybe they forgot the memo?

photo: PCN