5 Common Pregnancy Practices That Need To End (& Why)

When I was pregnant for the first time I remember soaking in every book, abiding by every ‘pregnancy rule’ and basically treaded as lightly as I could. Makes sense when you think about it — I was finally pregnant with a pregnancy that was finally doing well after multiple miscarriages and I didn’t want anything to go wrong. I lost trust in my body and its ability and I bought into the weird myths and silly practices that seemed standard when it came to pregnancy.

Now that I am a veteran mama with three kids, more multiple miscarriages and currently trying to conceive baby number 4, I’ve thought a lot about the silly common practices — these unwritten rules that seem to just be the ‘norm.’ I’ve already shared what I hope to do differently in my own pregnancy and since then I’ve thought more about the unwritten rules and practices that have become all too common for my taste.

Click through to see what 5 popular pregnancy practices I think should be stopped and why:

  • Can’t Share Until After The First Trimester 1 of 5
    Can't Share Until After The First Trimester
    There is a widespread idea that when first pregnant, we should keep the news to ourselves. The idea is that we shouldn't tell "in case something happens during the tricky first trimester."

    Why do I hate it? While I believe everyone should share when they feel ready, I don't like the "rule" that we can't "in case." I think this sets women up for complicated grieving process should miscarriage happen and tells us to keep it silent.

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  • The 2 of 5
    The 20-week ultrasound is now more well-known as the "big gender reveal" ultrasound.

    Why do I hate it? While I get that finding out the gender is totally exciting, the real reason for the 20-week ultrasound is to make sure that the baby has all chambers of the heart, the lungs, the stomach, etc. and they're clear from any signs of health issues. I get that it is more fun to think about the gender then any health issues, but I really think that should come back as more of the focus.

    According to the Ontario's College of Physicians and Surgeons it is "inappropriate and contrary to good medical practice to use ultrasound to determine the gender of the fetus".

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  • Cervical Checks (Even Before Labor) 3 of 5
    Cervical Checks (Even Before Labor)
    A practice that many doctors and/or Midwives have is to do cervical checks when the pregnant woman is near the end of her pregnancy. Sometimes starting as early at 36 weeks, a woman will be updated weekly on any changes in her cervix.

    Why do I hate it? What your cervix is doing near the end of pregnancy doesn't really have any correlation to when labor will start. You can walk around for weeks 6cm dilated and have days or weeks to go, or you can be 1cm dilated one moment and have a baby in your arms within the hour. It just sets women up for even more "When is the baby going to come?" anxiety.

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  • The Due Date Obsession 4 of 5
    The Due Date Obsession
    There is so much focus on the "baby due date" that women and family and friends get way too antsy weeks ahead of time.

    Why do I hate it? It causes SO MUCH anxiety for women when they have their family and friends call or message to ask whether the baby has come. If you are a week from your due date, or heaven forbid a day past, you're itching to get the baby out before the baby is ready. A due date is not an expiry date.

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  • Baby Was Delivered By… 5 of 5
    Baby Was Delivered By...
    ... the doctor ... the husband ... the nurse. No, the Mom delivered the baby and the doctor/husband/nurse ASSISTED the birth.

    Why do I hate it? I know you may think I am being nit-picky with my words, but I believe that changing the language around this will give power back to the laboring mama. We do not all need a medical professional to ensure that our child enters the world safely. Our bodies know what to do. Women can deliver a baby with or without assistance.

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:: What common pregnancy practice do you hate the most? ::

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