Period Watch, August Edition


This is the time of the month when my mind and body begin playing tricks on me.

I’m due to start my period in two days.


…my breasts are tender and swollen.

…I’m bloated and up a few pounds.

…my abdomen is achy with dull cramps.

…I’m exhausted.

…I’m alternately weepy and crabby.

All signs of pregnancy, but …

…all signs of my impending period as well.

Early in each of my pregnancies, I didn’t know that I was pregnant until I saw the results on the home pregnancy tests.

My symptoms were exactly as the have been for every period of my life.

And it is at this point in each and every cycle when my lost hope returns, only to be dashed when my period arrives.

But during these few days, my mind wonders what if and I start making bargains with the universe.

I would give nearly anything to be pregnant.

If my period arrives this month, as I’m nearly certain it will, I’m booking a beach vacation.

Because these swollen breasts? Will easily fill a bikini top.

What were your earliest pregnancy signs? When did you know that you were pregnant? Did you suspect before you even tested?

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