Picking a (Nick)Name is Harder Than We Thought


photo-700x525After the news of my pregnancy sunk in, one of my first thoughts was that if this baby was a girl, it was going to be hard to pick a name. Both of our daughters, Harlan and Avery, have family names. Harlan, our first, was easy to name because we’d had it picked out long before she was born. Avery was a little bit tougher because we didn’t have another girl name that we were absolutely in love with. I went through many family trees and spoke with so many family members trying to find the perfect name for her. We didn’t confirm her name until the day she was born, but we are so happy with what we decided.

Thankfully this pregnancy we won’t have to search through family trees to find the perfect little girl’s name. We found out last week that we will be welcoming our first little boy into the family. The name for this little guy was given to him long before he was even thought of. My husband is a fourth for his namesake and so we knew that if we were every fortunate enough to welcome a little boy, he was going to be the fifth.

All four of my husband’s generations go by different nicknames. My husband, MacKay, goes by his middle name. His first name is Robert and the others go by Rob, Bob, Bobby, etc. Although we have our son’s name picked out, we don’t have a nickname picked out.

I am a person that likes names that are a little bit unique and not heard of very often. My husband is a bit of traditionalist and wouldn’t mind a name that a lot of other boys have. This is where we run into our problem. We can’t agree on the right nickname for our son. This is the name that we will be called from day one, so it is very important.

Honestly, I never thought that we would run into this problem. I figured since we had a name picked out, everything would be smooth sailing from there. But once again, we are stuck at a crossroads. Let’s just hope we can agree on something before this little guy arrives.

If you have any ideas, thoughts are very much appreciated.


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