Pink Tweets Beautiful Breastfeeding Picture

Pink, during a photoshoot for her new album.

The photographer Deborah Anderson snapped this incredible picture of Pink during a photo shoot for her new album.

I’m not sure what I love about this most– the casual breastfeeding? The row of stilettos? The Lucite bench!?

What’s cool (and so very Pink) is that power and femininity are all tangled up in just up every element of the photo: she’s got a delicate white bra over the tattoo; she’s gently nursing her baby, but she looks directly at the viewer; she’s in her boudoir but she’s also at work.

I don’t know all that much about Pink but I appreciate her bringing motherhood into her ongoing exploration of the always wonderful tension between sexuality, toughness and vulnerability.

Here’s a larger version: 


Go Pink!


Ceridwen Morris (CCE) is a childbirth educator and co-author of the pregnancy and baby book From The Hips. Follow her blogging on Facebook.

Photo: Deborah Anderson