Please Pass the Diapers

Perhaps I need to lay off the decaf.

I should’ve bought stock in Pampers. Or Depends. Whatever. One of those.

No one told me that after you host one fetus in your body for nine ten months that, should you become pregnant again, your ability to make it to the toilet to pee will decrease by a gazillion.

Or, if someone did tell me that, they made sure that I was distracted by something else because I have absolutely no recollection of ever learning that tidbit of critical information.

What I can recall, however, is that I last peed exactly 18 minutes ago… and I need to go again. Like right now.

In fact… I’m going to take a quick break. Please excuse me.

OK, like I was saying, I’m peeing all the time. This may seem like no big deal, and maybe it’s not, but this feels so different to me than when I was pregnant with Jackson. I remember peeing all the time during the first trimester and the third, but not the second.

And now that I can officially say I am in the second trimester (CAN I GET AN ‘AMEN’!?!?) I feel a bit duped. I anticipated a bit of a break from the constant need to pee. I certainly didn’t expect an INCREASE in my peeing abilities.

What’s new about this pregnancy for you?