Polish Mom Labors For 75 Days

Mom prevents labor by lying upside down, in labor, for 75 days.

What’s the longest labor you’ve heard of? 30 hours? 36 hours? Four days?? It’s certainly possible. Though the average length of labor is 8-12 hours (24 for a first time mom), it can take days.

But a mother in Poland has put this into perspective: She was in labor for 75 days.

Joanna Krzysztonek was carrying triplets and went into labor very early in her pregnancy. One of her babies was born and due to the extreme prematurity, did not survive.

To save the other two babies, her doctors had her lie upside down. They literally just tilted her bottom half up so the babies could not come out. The contractions eased up and she stayed like this for weeks before the other two babies were born at 32 weeks on February 15th.

The babies were in the NICU but they’re expected to go home soon! Mom has regained her balance and ability to walk properly after being propped up for so long. I’m curious about the amniotic sac having been broken for the birth of the first baby. Did the fluid replenish? Can this be done in other premature births? Was it a special bed? I want to know more!

But nevertheless, this is an incredible story.

Mothers are hardcore. Let it be known!


photo credit: Mait Juriado/Flickr



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