Poll: Snips and Snails or Sugar and Spice?


When we were finally pregnant with our first child, we so desperately wanted a girl, since with our fertility struggles, we weren’t certain we’d ever get another chance to have a daughter.

Then, when we went for our ultrasound for our son two and a half years later, I was crushed that he was a boy.

I dreamed of having a second daughter and truly never considered having a son. I’ve written about my struggles with gender disappointment before.

Danielle, who also blogs here on Being Pregnant, felt similarly.

Turns out we’re in the minority, however.

A new Gallup poll shows that if they had to choose, Americans would prefer a boy to a girl if they could only have one child.

Of the 1,020 adults polled, 40 percent said they’d choose to have a boy, while 28 percent would choose a girl. The remainder had no preference.

Gallup conducted the same poll in 1941, when 38% favored boys and 24% preferred girls.

Gallup has conducted this poll 10 times since 1941 and the results have always shown a preference for boys.

How about you?