Poll: Which Would You Rather? Serious Food Aversions or Overwhelming Food Cravings?

Serious Food Aversions or Overwhelming Food Cravings?Pregnancy brings with it a whole lot of awesome and a whole lot of annoying. It’s a true mixture and can be different from pregnancy to pregnancy and person to person. There’s the fun of feeling the baby, the hormones doing great things to your hair and nails and the bad symptoms like heartburn and morning sickness.

For me, a lot of things in my ‘annoying’ category centered around food. I was either not able to eat from super bad all-day sickness, to losing weight, to not gaining enough. Also, the cravings and food aversions seemed to have a whole new mind of their own. I had to avoid all things chicken for the entire pregnancy and chugged gallons upon gallons of orange juice, which seemed to be the only thing that kept the puking away.

There are a lot of common symptoms most pregnant ladies (or any woman who has been pregnant) can usually relate to. Heartburn, sciatic nerve pain, round ligament pain, weight gain, super food cravings and so much more. The fun of growing a human is we get to experience this stuff.

But, I want to know: if you had to choose between having serious food aversions or overwhelming food cravings, which would you rather have?

I had some pretty bad food aversions with all my pregnancies. I could not be around chicken and anything with a strong smell (like perfume,cigarettes, deodorant to name a few). Upon smelling them, even when you would think there was no way I would smell it, I would be sick to my stomach. I already had terrible “all-day” sickness and did everything I could to avoid those offending smells.

And then there is food cravings. Most people think it’s like a perk of pregnancy and you have this feeling you want something (even if it’s totally weird) and you must have. For me, it was a bit more than that. Again, it was tied to my “all-day” sickness and these cravings were the only thing that I could keep down. The only food combination that alleviated the nausea and helped me function. I had different ones for each pregnancy (first was orange juice; second was chocolate milk and onion rings; third was fuzzy peach candy and raspberry gingerale).

For me — I would rather have the overwhelming food cravings than the serious food aversions. It’s easier to bring something to you than to take something away.

Now, your turn to answer!


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