Can You Get Your Baby into Position for a Quick Labor?



I’m nearly 37 weeks now and know that my baby is head down (yay!) and that we won’t have to worry about a breech delivery or c-section for that reason. It’s a relief! But what about all the other less than ideal positions baby can get herself into?

Is there a way for me to help my baby get into position for a faster, easier labor?

I believe there is – and since it’s true that head down, face down, lying along our left side is the ideal position, the question is what position is *my* baby in, and if it’s not ideal how do I change the positioning?

The site Spinning Babies is one of the most informational sites I’ve ever seen on baby positions. Not only do they teach you how to “map” your belly (i.e. determine the position the baby is laying) but they have all sorts of exercises and techniques to help baby flip, spin and move. Way beyond the typical “pelvic rocks”, this site has already been useful for me in helping my baby spin from a posterior postion to anterior after just one try. Certain techniques are useful during labor, others are useful now before labor.

Many times labor can be long, stall out or just plain not progress all due to baby’s position. I think if there’s any help for mothers to do a few easy but specific techniques to help baby fall into position, it would save time, energy and maybe even prevent interventions like pitocin or c-section.

Check out Spinning Babies and let me know what you think!

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