Pre-Pregnancy Required Movie?


Ever stop and think that there should be required reading, or maybe educational videos women should watch before getting pregnant or giving birth?   I mean, parenthood in general is a very important thing, and we don’t really place much importance on education surrounding it.

I learned my lesson with the pregnancy and birth of my oldest child, which I was put through the ringer of the system, and everything that really is wrong with our current way of dealing with pregnancy and birth.  It not only opened my eyes, but it taught me what I never wanted to go through again.

When my son was a couple months old, I saw what I think is one of the best birth documentary and education films we currently have in the childbirth community.  But the best part of the film itself was the way it was handled, the information given, and the creator… Ricki Lake.  She was a familiar face to most American women, and she took her celebrity status to bring a good message to the table.

With the help of birth professionals ranging from the former head of the World Health Organization’s Woman’s and Children division Marsden Wagner, who I would totally marry if I could!, OB/GYN’s, and high profile midwives like Ina May Gaskin, and of course mothers themselves… the message of the film is conveyed clearly.

In my opinion, The Business of Being Born should be required viewing before pregnancy, or at least before birth. I mean, of course it is something everyone can take with a giant grain of salt, because really… who am I?   A blogger?  A mom?  A doula?  I am really no one to the majority of those who will click through my posts, but do yourself a favor, and take the time to watch the film.

I wish I had seen it myself before giving birth to my oldest son, and I truly believe it would have changed a lot in the history of my children, and birth experiences, had I seen it before hand.

Take a minute to check out the trailer:

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