Pregnancy And Booze

My husband won’t let me drink booze. No, not my husband (he’s always generously offering up that first cold sip of beer), that was something a fellow pregger told me the other day while I rested my champagne cocktail on my baby belly. This woman said she wished she could have a bit of this cocktail, but knew if her husband saw her drinking he would freak. Maybe it was her that didn’t want to drink so she blamed her husband or perhaps her husband hasn’t read anything current on the subject? Or maybe she can’t stop at just one?

Who knows? I do know it’s an issue pregnant women face and the choice is personal. I’ve made the choice to partake in an alcoholic beverage while pregnant and my OB has given me info on when it’s safer (after the 1st trimester) and not overdo it or drink daily. It’s not like I’m some lush or drunk pregnant woman, but I still enjoy some bubbly while sporting a baby belly and I don’t do it hidden away in my house either. I order up right at the bar and I’ve never been refused. Although…

 There was this one waiter that wasn’t sure and I told him it was fine. There was also a few weeks ago when I was out with the Babble crew in LA and ordered a French 77, the waiter brought me a 7-up. Um, not going to work, dude. I asked him what he brought me, he thought I asked for 7-up, I gently let him know that I had in fact ordered booze. He obliged and I got my drink on.

I also know my limit, I’m not out to get buzzed and definitely not drunk, but a lovely and tasty drink I cannot refuse. Sometimes I will drink just half a glass or I will sip on my champagne cocktail or a beer over the course of a meal.  I just feel like pregnancy is tough enough, why deprive myself of one more thing? Especially when I know and stick to my limits.

Drinking multiple drinks or drinking too quickly isn’t a good thing, just sit back and enjoy your sips. If you get the stink eye, just ignore (or act totally obnoxious and drunk for shock value). If your husband is freaking out at the thought of a sip, well, that’s between you two. You could try talking to your OB with him present or show him some recent articles like these or these.

In the end it’s a personal choice and one that needn’t be hidden away in your home or misunderstood by your partner. Just talk to your doctor and go with what you feel is right and ignore the nay-sayers. Gotta run, the bartender just asked for my order…

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Article Posted 3 years Ago
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