Pregnancy De-Frumping: How Molly Got Her Groove Back

Getting out of my pregnancy rut and defrumping my pregnancy
Getting out of the pregnancy rut and defrumping my pregnancy

As mentioned, a few weeks ago I was in a SERIOUS frump stage of my pregnancy. My friends were probably in the planning stages of an intervention for me and my lack of caring for how I looked when going out in public. Let me just say, it was bad.

This past week, I made some serious efforts to defrump. I sucked it up and spent the money. 

  • Eyebrows waxed
  • Toes & feet pedicured
  • Hair roots fixed
  • New clothes purchased

It’s amazing what some retail therapy and some “me” time will do in helping improve my attitude and outlook on life. While I ignore what it does to my pocket book. I do have to say, it’s cheaper than counseling.

25 weeks pregnant – BRING IT ON, week 25 I am READY for YOU! (Also known as week 144 of my pregnancies)

What Do You Do To De-Frump While Pregnant?