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Pregnancy Food Withdrawal: 5 Foods I Miss the Most

By Aela Mass |

5 Foods I Miss Eating During Pregnancy

Nitrate-laden bacon. Mmmmm

I’ve never been a coffee drinker, and I can’t stand soda, so those pregnancy no-nos (or not-much-ofs, I should say) are two less things I have to worry about staying away from during my pregnancy.

While you’ll find mixed opinions on a lot of pregnancy-related topics, the evidence is (mostly) clear on what you should and shouldn’t eat. And for the foods that seem to appear on both the “ok” and “not ok” lists of foods to eat, I’ve discovered there’s one easy way to tackle that concern: Do what you feel is best.

Certain things are easier to give up than others. I haven’t once craved or missed drinking wine. I have zero desire for sushi. But there are most definitely foods I miss terribly and can’t wait to chow down on once these babies are born.

After the jump, check out which five foods I miss the most during my pregnancy, and tell me what food was hardest for you to give up!

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5 Foods I Miss During Pregnancy


While no one has specifically told me not to eat bacon, there are far too many nitrates in bacon for me to feel comfortable eating it. And while I eat mostly natural and organic foods, the organic and nitrate-free choices for bacon are way too expensive. So I'll just keep on missing it for the rest of my pregnancy.
Find out why nitrates are bad for baby.
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Aela Mass

Aela Mass is a lesbian writer and editor living the dream on Martha's Vineyard with her wife, Sara, and their dog, Darla. She miscarried her twins at 17 weeks and has undergone numerous IVF, FET, and IUI cycles. Her writing has appeared in The Huffington Post among other publications. For more of her work, visit her blog Two Moms Make a Right. Read bio and latest posts → Read Aela's latest posts →

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7 thoughts on “Pregnancy Food Withdrawal: 5 Foods I Miss the Most

  1. Claire says:

    My personal 2 pence worth on the egg front – the problem with eggs is salmonella – if you get eggs from hens that are vaccinated against it (in the UK most are – they have a stamp on them to prove it) then you can have the runny yolk. It’s what I did :OD Can’t help with the rest though – I was similar to you. I also missed pate like crazy, and I went totally wheat free due to an intollerance and man I missed it!

  2. Anonymous says:

    In my third pregnancy, I drank raw milk, ate raw egg yolks, drank unpasteurized juice, etc. and that was my healthiest baby. I’m not dumb and I’m not saying it’s good because it worked out fine for me. Pregnant women need to know there is a huge difference between eating raw cheeses when you don’t know their source, and drinking raw milk from a local farm that you know is safe. Or eating raw egg yolks from the store (big no-no) and eating raw egg yolks from a local farm or your own backyard (very healthy). I will not eat egg yolks raw from a store and I miss out on our raw ice cream if that is all I can access (my husband will eat it). If I have the good local eggs? I definitely indulge! Pregnant women must be very careful to source these items carefully — as you noted in the point about bacon and avoiding nitrates (you can get nitrate-free bacon) — but they are not necessarily off-limits.

  3. tabby says:

    Mine so far is beef stew. Don’t know why but so far it makes me sick to eat it. But it still smells sooooo good.

  4. koolchicken says:

    I accidentally ate copious amounts of bacon while on a cruise during weeks 21-23. I totally forgot it was “off limits”, I claim baby brain. But I found out that so long as you consume nitrates with vitamin C it helps to break them down or neutralize them (something like that). Fortunately orange juice was one of my big pregnancy cravings, so I had plenty with my bacon. I’m sure the baby will be born next month just fine.

  5. Lisa says:

    The food I miss the most right now is raw sushi specifically the tuna sashimi :( and I just realized that im going to pregnant for the holidays and will not be able to enjoy my cup of egg nog hence having raw eggs in it. Oh no!!

  6. stephanie says:

    Just a note about backyard vs. commercial eggs. I work in a poultry vet clinic, and the backyard birds we see generally carrt a larger disease burden then the commercial birds. Backyard flocks tend to have fewer biosecurity measures, and obviously no regulatory bodies testing them. Please be careful. If you know the flock, and the person who owns it, and you’re confident in their biosecurity and flock health, by all means. But backyard does NOT necessarily equal ‘healthier’. Just a friendly caution!

  7. Donna says:

    I have eaten all of these things both during my 1st and current pregnancy, I had poached duck eggs and quail eggs the other day. I miss bbq because I can’t stand the smell now. I miss having cocktails.

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