Pregnancy Health Primer: What to eat, safe supplements, and more


Pregnancy brings up an enormous number of fears for most if not all women – what should I eat, what can’t I eat, how much activity can I have, what are the right types, do I take vitamins, don’t I – and on and on.

To help you navigate your way through these confusing waters, Babble has assembled a quick primer in pregnancy health for you and your future baby.

  • 27 Pregnancy Health Tips from Mom-Doctors

    27 Pregnancy Health Tips from Mom-Doctors

    Who would you trust more to tell you about pregnancy than a mom who’s also an M.D.? With that in mind, here are 27 great tips from 27 different mom-doctors. These bits of expert wisdom will help you be as healthy and happy a mom as possible.

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  • What to Eat During Pregnancy

    What to Eat During Pregnancy

    Eating a well balanced diet is the key to a healthy pregnancy – after all, your baby eats whatever you do. With the recommended amount of food from each of the five major food groups, you might even be able to skip out on supplements and additional vitamins. The start to a healthy pregnancy diet is simple, just follow these 7 tips

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  • Top Pregnancy Supplements for Women

    Top Pregnancy Supplements for Women

    In order to support the growth of your baby-to-be you’ll need an extra dose of specific vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Here’s a list of essential vitamins and minerals to include in your pregnancy diet

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