Pregnancy iPhone Apps Im Addicted To


iphone-appsThe second I got an iPhone last summer, I decided to look into some apps I might enjoy.  Since we were planning on trying to start our little family soon, I decided fertility and pregnancy apps would be good things to investigate.  Every night before I go to bed, I’ve developed a little ritual of reading the latest topic on my iPhone apps.  I’ve found lots of good information!

Here are 3 pregnancy-related apps that I’ve enjoyed while being pregnant.

1. Baby Bump Pro – This has been my favorite since day 1.  I’ve loved following the daily and weekly info bits and seeing the illustrated image of what our baby “looks” like.  What I’ve really enjoyed about this app is the Community Section.  It’s been really useful for getting answers and advice from other pregnant ladies out there.  Other great features are the birth plan assistant and kick counter.

2. BabyCenter My Pregnancy – Every day there is a different pregnancy or baby related topic to read.  I especially enjoyed watching the videos ranging on topics from monthly fetal development to getting an epidural.  Plus there’s a handy check list to browse through if you’re the kind of person who needs to be reminded when the best time to plan your hospital visit is or what pregnancy super foods you should be eating.

3. Fertility Friend – This was the first app I downloaded.  I found it to be the best for tracking your menstrual cycles.  Since mine was pretty irregular, coming anywhere between 20 and 35 days, it really helped to see an average date of when I might be ovulating.  It also includes little tidbits of information as well.

And just for kicks…

Kick to Pick – This new app is pretty funny!  I downloaded it after a coworker mentioned that she’d heard about it on the radio.  Basically, you lay on your back when the baby is most active and you put the phone on your belly.  The app “picks” a name every time the phone registers a big kick.  Pretty fun though not super practical.

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