Pregnancy is... Calming?

My current anxiety relief, with a side of prenatal yoga.

Think of any word or phrase to follow “Pregnancy is…” and I doubt “calming” is the first thing that comes to mind. (If it does, yay for you! and me.)

It’s safe to say that I am a very anxious person. I worry and then analyze. Then I worry a little more and then I over-analyze. It’s a cycle, and one that I’ve grown fairly used to. This of course means that my husband and son have grown to become used to it as well. So imagine their awesome surprise to find me actually chilling out during this pregnancy. Amazing, right?

When I weaned off my anxiety medications, I was… wait for it… worried. I thought the bottom had fallen out and I was just waiting for the final BOOM of crazy to hit me. It didn’t. I made it through the whole first trimester, a time when my anxiety would normally be through the roof, and I was ok.

I’m better than ok actually. I’m happy to report that pregnancy is calming to me. I’m actually in a fairly consistent state of calm. Don’t worry, I know that worries and concerns will come as this pregnancy progresses, but I think it’s important to acknowledge the good that some of these hormone surges are capable of.

I remember being fairly chilled out when I was pregnant with Jackson. That was a different pregnancy and we had different circumstances going on at that time. Paul was deployed for a big chunk of that pregnancy. I was working full-time out of the home. We had a new puppy. I had plenty of things to worry about, but thinking back on it now, I really don’t remember feeling overly anxious.

So perhaps pregnancy is the best medicine for me to remain in a not-so-anxious state of mind.

Though I’m fairly certain if I told Paul that, he would be the one worrying all the time.