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    1: Food aversions are normal

    Your Pregnancy: Month 3: Food aversions are normal Have you found you can only stomach eating the same bland thing day after day? First-trimester cravings and aversions are tough on a varied diet. Don’t worry about nutrients for the moment — you’ll catch up later. And that’s what multivitamins are for!

    The top supplements to take when you’re pregnant

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    2: The blues are common

    Your Pregnancy: Month 3: The blues are common If you find yourself feeling less than happy about your pregnancy sometimes, don’t worry. This is a big step, and you’re bound to have some ambivalence.

    Why sadness is actually one of the common emotions you can experience during your pregnancy

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    3: Your veins may bulge

    Your Pregnancy: Month 3: Your veins may bulge Veins on the breasts can become more prominent during pregnancy as blood flow to the area increases. This is temporary. Don’t let it keep you from showing off your gorgeous pregnancy cleavage; trust us, no one’s looking at the veins.

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    4: Get familiar with your family tree

    Your Pregnancy: Month 3: Get familiar with your family tree What do you know about your family’s genetic background? Your genetic history will be a factor in determining whether you are a candidate for prenatal testing. Ask your parents or relatives if they know of any disorders in your family tree.

    Is prenatal testing right for you?

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    5: Ask your doctor which test is right for you

    Your Pregnancy: Month 3: Ask your doctor which test is right for you Nuchal translucency screening measures the thickness of the space behind the baby’s neck and estimates the risk of certain genetic disorders. It can be more accurate when combined with blood tests. Ask your doctor if this is right for you.

    Opting out of prenatal testing

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    6: Weigh the risks

    Your Pregnancy: Month 3: Weigh the risks Genetic testing is a stressful process and requires thinking through a lot of unpleasant scenarios. But try not to dwell. The odds are on your side: 95% of tests come back normal, and the risk of a problem is very small.

    Why the most stressful part of an amnio is waiting for the results

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    7: It's about what you can live with

    Your Pregnancy: Month 3: It's about what you can live with The decision about prenatal testing is important and individual. So take your time and discuss it thoroughly with your partner. You’ll hear a lot of complex numbers. The key is to figure out which risk you’re most comfortable living with.

    How to decide about prenatal testing

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    8: Book the amnio if you're going to do it

    Your Pregnancy: Month 3: Book the amnio if you're going to do it If you’re considering an amnio, you may need to look into booking one soon. Though the procedure is performed in the second trimester, some of the doctors who perform it can get booked up well in advance.

    Are the amnio recommendations all wrong

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    9: Be mindful of your habits

    Your Pregnancy: Month 3: Be mindful of your habits Do you have a complicated relationship with food? Most women do, whether it’s obsessive dieting or compulsive eating. Keep an eye on your eating habits and let your doctor know if the food thing is stressing you out. Problem-eating can sometimes resurface during pregnancy.

    One mom’s “pregorexia”

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    10: Know your fish

    Your Pregnancy: Month 3: Know your fish Confused about how to get your fish oil while avoiding too much mercury? Remember: the smaller the fish, the lower the mercury content.

    Types of fish you should avoid

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    11: Be wary of salmon …

    Your Pregnancy: Month 3: Be wary of salmon … Salmon is a great source of Omega-3s, but some types contain environmental toxins. Choose wild Pacific over farmed or Atlantic salmon for the lowest PCB risk.

    Nine other power foods to eat while you’re pregnant

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    12: Opt for "shelf-stable"

    Your Pregnancy: Month 3: Opt for Smoked-fish fans: Anything that needs refrigeration is a listeria risk, but shelf-stable fish in a jar, can, or packet is fine! Try searching the internet if you can’t find any near you.

    Try this cooked lox recipe

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    13: Go easy on the soda

    Your Pregnancy: Month 3: Go easy on the soda Some studies have shown diet soda to be risky during pregnancy, so you might want to make this an occasional treat rather than an everyday habit.

    Study shows diet soda linked to premature births

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    14: Buy pasteurized eggs

    Your Pregnancy: Month 3: Buy pasteurized eggs Good news for lovers of runny eggs, homemade mayonnaise, custard, and other foods containing partially cooked egg yolks: pasteurized eggs, now available in many supermarkets.

    You can also swap undercooked eggs with these substitutes

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    15: Eat your greens

    Your Pregnancy: Month 3: Eat your greens Having a hard time getting your leafy greens in? Try kale chips: coat kale in olive oil and salt and bake at 300 degrees for 20 minutes or until crisp. Yum!

    Make kale chips

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    16: …But try not to obsess over food

    Your Pregnancy: Month 3: …But try not to obsess over food Try not to let the barrage of food recommendations get you down. It’s a fine line between being mindful and obsessive! Just aim for a healthy diet and avoid the big no-nos.

    This iPhone app tells you the top 25 foods to avoid

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    17: Break a sweat!

    Your Pregnancy: Month 3: Break a sweat! For pregnancy exercise guidelines, look at your pre-pregnancy fitness level. If you worked out regularly before, you can freely continue (barring complications your doctor will tell you about). New exercise regimens should be checked with your healthcare practitioner.

    The benefits of exercising during your pregnancy

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    18: Do-Kegels

    Your Pregnancy: Month 3: Do-Kegels Kegel exercises build strength and resilience in your pelvic-floor muscles. Try contracting and releasing the muscles you use to stop the flow of urine. Do sets of 10 or try the elevator technique: tightening progressively as you “climb the floors.” Do the same on the way down.

    How Kegel exercises will help you prepare for childbirth

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    19: Try not to wear yourself out

    Your Pregnancy: Month 3: Try-not-to-wear-yourself-out Women have a faster heart rate and higher blood volume during pregnancy, which make it easier to fall short of breath. If you can’t carry on a conversation while you’re doing what you’re doing, you may be working too hard.

    Does my pregnant wife exercise too much?

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    20: Avoid hot baths

    Your Pregnancy: Month 3: Avoid-hot-baths Hot baths aren’t recommended during pregnancy because too high a body temperature can be a risk for the developing fetus. But warm ones are great: Keep water temperature around 100 degrees.

    How a bath can help with swollen ankles

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    21: Catch up on reading

    Your Pregnancy: Month 3: Catch-up-on-reading Long waits in the obstetrician’s office seem to be a fact of pregnant life. If you’re sick of pregnancy magazines, pick out a fun book and take it with you to each of your checkups. A mommy memoir, maybe?

    Why young adult fiction is a great stress reliever

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    22: Take photos — even if you're not keen on it

    Your Pregnancy: Month 3: Take-photos-even-if-you-re-not-keen-on-it You may not feel much like being photographed yet, but don’t psych yourself out of the habit. You’ll be so glad to have these pregnancy pictures later on!

    ... Or you can try painting your belly

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    23: Get as much sleep as possible

    Your Pregnancy: Month 3: Get-as-much-sleep-as-possible Progesterone can disrupt your nighttime sleep, and your changing body might make it hard to get comfortable. More reason to nap in the day if you can! If your work schedule won’t permit it (most don’t), you can catch up on weekends.

    Night sweats keeping you up? Try these helpful tips

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    24: Don't go overboard on the new wardrobe ...

    Your Pregnancy: Month 3: Dont-go-overboard-on-the-new-wardrobe When is the best time to shop for maternity clothes? The usual advice is to wait until the 5th month, but when you’re ready, you’re ready. Just don’t buy too much at once because you don’t know how your body will change.

    You can even rent maternity dresses

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    25: ... But do accept hand-me-downs

    Your Pregnancy: Month 3: ... But do accept hand-me-downs If you’ve been offered some hand-me down maternity clothes, take them. It’s a great way to save money and avoid buying things you’ll use only a few times. Just be sure to find out whether the source expects them back afterward.

    Maternity clothes you can also wear post-pregnancy

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    26: Try going up a size or two

    Your Pregnancy: Month 3: Try going up a size or two If you’re not ready for maternity clothes, but your current wardrobe is getting uncomfortable, consider buying a few inexpensive things in a larger size to tide you over. They may come in handy in the postpartum period!

    Affordable maternity clothes we love

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    27: Think about your job

    Your Pregnancy: Month 3: Think about your job When deciding when to tell your boss, look at your circumstances. Do you know your post-baby plans? How much does the company depend on your work? Have there been many pregnancies in the company before? You should think about your unique situation and know your rights before you tell.

    The pros and cons to both working and staying at home

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    28: Seek support

    Your Pregnancy: Month 3: Seek support Was it hard for you to get pregnant? Pregnancy after infertility can bring a range of reactions, some unexpected. If you’re having trouble adjusting to this thing you’ve worked so hard for, look for some support. You can find others with similar experiences online or talk to a professional.

    Things to consider before joining a pregnancy support group

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    29: Be patient with your partner

    Your Pregnancy: Month 3: Be patient with your partner Are you feeling like your partner just doesn’t get it? Frustration is common in early pregnancy. It’s new, you’re nervous, and you’re often not feeling so great. Give him some time — he doesn’t have the same physical cues.

    10 things husbands should never say to their pregnant wives

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    30: There is light at the end of the tunnel

    Your Pregnancy: Month 3: There is light at the end of the tunnel The second trimester is just around the corner! You can look forward to more energy, the likelihood of less nausea, and a lowered risk of miscarriage, which means you might feel more like telling people you’re pregnant.

    More reasons to be happy you’re done with the first trimester

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