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Your Pregnancy


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    1: Your priorities are changing

    Your Pregnancy: Month 5: Your priorities are changing Has your time with non-pregnant friends seemed different lately? You’re in a different place with different interests. But don’t worry too much about the future of your friendships. Your focus will probably broaden again at some point after the baby’s born!

    10 pregnancy details your online friends don’t want to know

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    2: Avoid fear mongers

    Your Pregnancy: Month 5: Avoid fear mongers Tell people that you're trying to avoid horror stories about birth or being a parent if you are, indeed, trying to avoid horror stories about birth or being a parent. Honesty is good. Fear-mongering is not.

    Not the birth I planned — but I loved it anyway!

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    3: Get help if you're experiencing body issues

    Your Pregnancy: Month 5: Get help if you're experiencing body issues Eating disorders may (temporarily) resolve in pregnancy, but they can also become more pronounced. Dieting in pregnancy is very risky for the pregnancy and the baby. Seek help if you find that you are obsessing about weight.

    Starving for two

  • Your Pregnancy 4 of 32

    4: Be active

    Your Pregnancy: Month 5: Be active An exercise class specifically for pregnant mothers can be a great way to stay fit safely. Plus, the regular schedule can keep you motivated — and maybe you’ll meet some pregnant friends.

    Pregnancy exercises you can do at home

  • Your Pregnancy 5 of 32

    5: Take a dip in the pool

    Your Pregnancy: Month 5: Take a dip in the pool Swimming or low-risk water sports (not scuba diving) are highly beneficial in pregnancy. The buoyancy of the water can be liberating when you’re carrying extra weight. Regular water workouts are good for improving sleep and overall health.

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  • Your Pregnancy 6 of 32

    6: Try prenatal Pilates

    Your Pregnancy: Month 5: Try prenatal Pilates Prenatal Pilates are a great way to keep your core strong as your belly grows. Strengthening your abdominals safely now will help your body return to form after the baby is born.

    How to work out your abs while pregnant (watch the video!)

  • Your Pregnancy 7 of 32

    7: Try prenatal yoga

    Your Pregnancy: Month 5: Try prenatal yoga Prenatal yoga is one of the best things you can do to stay fit and centered during pregnancy. If you can’t find a good class near you, there are lots of good DVDs available.

    Prenatal yoga changed this mom’s life

  • Your Pregnancy 8 of 32

    8: Remember, you're not fat

    Your Pregnancy: Month 5: Remember, you're not fat Pregnant is not fat, but it feels that way sometimes. The weight gain that comes along with a normal pregnancy can be hard to reconcile with a lifetime of trying to keep weight off. Remember that your body is meant to get bigger now!

    Is it tacky to complain about weight gain when you’re pregnant?

  • Your Pregnancy 9 of 32

    9: Try to avoid the celeb comparisons

    Your Pregnancy: Month 5: Try to avoid the celeb comparisons It’s awesome that we now have the freedom to be seen as sexy during pregnancy. But there can be pressure, too. Try to avoid comparing yourself to perfectly primped celebrities and look at real-life pregnancy role models instead.

    Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue: public enemy #1

  • Your Pregnancy 10 of 32

    10: Groom as you see fit

    Your Pregnancy: Month 5: Groom as you see fit The idea that motherhood inevitably means 'letting yourself go" strikes fear in many women’s hearts. It’s true that some women make beauty a slightly lower priority when they have babies. But that doesn’t mean you have to or that it’s a permanent change. Groom as you see fit!

    11 beauty tips for busy moms

  • Your Pregnancy 11 of 32

    11: Try compression pantyhose

    Your Pregnancy: Month 5: Try compression pantyhose Varicose and spider veins can appear in pregnancy due to some combination of genetics and hormones. They’re not dangerous and will likely recede post-birth. If you’re worried, there are special compression pantyhose that may help prevent or minimize them.

    This pantyhose may help

  • Your Pregnancy 12 of 32

    12: Look in your pantry before your medicine cabinet

    Your Pregnancy: Month 5: Look in your pantry before your medicine cabinet Looking for a natural, effective skin moisturizer without any harmful chemicals? You may already have some on your pantry shelf. Extra-virgin coconut oil is a great hydrator.

    More safe beauty products for pregnant women

  • Your Pregnancy 13 of 32

    13: Bloody gums and noses are common

    Your Pregnancy: Month 5: Bloody gums and noses are common Bloody gums and bloody noses are common in pregnancy for a number of reasons. Mostly this just means lots of laundry. But check in with your dentist, as pregnant woman are vulnerable to gum disease, which has lasting repercussions.

    Have more clothes to clean? Here are some laundry tips

  • Your Pregnancy 14 of 32

    14: Opt for natural remedies when you can

    Your Pregnancy: Month 5: Opt for natural remedies when you can Looking for a pregnancy-safe teeth whitener? Try strawberries. Mix some into a paste with baking soda and leave on your teeth for 5 minutes. Use occasionally, not frequently, to avoid wear on your enamel.

    Taking care of your teeth while pregnant

  • Your Pregnancy 15 of 32

    15: Get calcium

    Your Pregnancy: Month 5: Get calcium You need calcium in pregnancy to build strong bones for your baby. Milk products are a great source, but there are non-dairy sources too: spinach and other greens, almonds, and salmon are all high in calcium.

    Top 10 pregnancy super foods

  • Your Pregnancy 16 of 32

    16: Make cravings healthy when you can

    Your Pregnancy: Month 5: Make cravings healthy when you can Craving ice cream but want more nutrition? Try whole-milk yogurt with honey, blueberries, and walnuts. Or just pour some on a sundae … you’ll get antioxidants and Omega-3s with that!

    How to safely (and healthily) eat the foods you’re craving

  • Your Pregnancy 17 of 32

    17: Have fun with mocktails

    Your Pregnancy: Month 5: Have fun with mocktails For a fun mocktail, try a fauxjito: muddle some mint and sugar with the juice of two limes then fill the glass with sparkling water. You’ll hardly miss the rum!

    5 mocktails for any occasion

  • Your Pregnancy 18 of 32

    18: Treat yourself to accessories

    Your Pregnancy: Month 5: Treat yourself to accessories Miss the fun of shopping for yourself but don't want to waste money on temporary clothes? Pregnancy is a great time to stock up on interesting jewelry.

    The best jewelry from Etsy

  • Your Pregnancy 19 of 32

    19: Don't get new glasses just yet

    Your Pregnancy: Month 5: Don't get new glasses just yet The hormones and fluid balance of your body during pregnancy can change your vision temporarily. This change is rarely dramatic, so it means pregnancy is not the best time to get new glasses or contact lenses.

    10 things no one tells you about pregnancy

  • Your Pregnancy 20 of 32

    20: Try to forgo stilettos

    Your Pregnancy: Month 5: Try to forgo stilettos Wearing high heels during pregnancy is hazardous, as your ligaments and bones are much looser now, and your center of gravity has shifted. Big falls are more likely but entirely avoidable by opting for lower-heeled shoes.

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  • Your Pregnancy 21 of 32

    21: Be clear about what you like and don't like

    Your Pregnancy: Month 5: Be clear about what you like and don't like Some women love having their bellies touched, others find it offensive. Be clear with people either way, this is your body, your belly!

    Why this mom wasn’t bothered by strangers touching her belly

  • Your Pregnancy 22 of 32

    22: Take others' opinions with a grain of salt

    Your Pregnancy: Month 5: Take others' opinions with a grain of salt Some women carry like basketballs while others seem to expand everywhere. Don’t let people tell you this has anything to do with the sex of your baby. It’s genetic.

    Other old wives tales you should ignore

  • Your Pregnancy 23 of 32

    23: Boy, girl, or surprise?

    Your Pregnancy: Month 5: Boy, girl, or surprise? Finding out the sex of your baby is actually easier these days than not finding out. If you choose not to find out, it can be a wonderful surprise. Just let ultrasound technicians know about your preference right away.

    Is it a boy or a girl? This 4-month-old’s family isn’t saying ... ever

  • Your Pregnancy 24 of 32

    24: The due date is not exact

    Your Pregnancy: Month 5: The due date is not exact Remember that term is anywhere from 37-42 weeks. Start to expand your idea about when the baby will be born. Only 5% of women give birth on their due dates.

    Pregnancy due date calculator

  • Your Pregnancy 25 of 32

    25: Consider a doula

    Your Pregnancy: Month 5: Consider a doula It’s still a ways off, but if you’re thinking about trying for an un-medicated birth, you may want to consider hiring a professional labor support doula soon. Doula support has been shown to reduce the number of medical interventions used in labor.

    10 reasons to hire a doula

  • Your Pregnancy 26 of 32

    26: A little freaking out is normal

    Your Pregnancy: Month 5: A little freaking out is normal If you find yourself feeling freaked out by babies or baby stuff, don’t worry. This is a common reaction to the stress of the life change before you. It doesn’t mean you’ll be freaked out by your own baby!

    Alyssa Milano got freaked out during her pregnancy

  • Your Pregnancy 27 of 32

    27: Be honest about your fears

    Your Pregnancy: Month 5: Be honest about your fears Talk openly about your fears and encourage your partner to do the same. This can be a time of great change and confusion; you don’t have to know everything already. In fact, the more you’re open to learning, the more confident you’ll become.

    17 ways your partner can support you in labor

  • Your Pregnancy 28 of 32

    28: Show your partner some love

    Your Pregnancy: Month 5: Show your partner some love Sometimes it can be hard to connect with your partner in pregnancy because you're busy connecting with your growing baby. Try to remember to reach out to the guy next to you, too.

    7 ways to babyproof your marriage

  • Your Pregnancy 29 of 32

    29: It's normal to judge

    Your Pregnancy: Month 5: It's normal to judge Do you notice yourself judging the way people parent? It’s okay to think you’re going to do it better — in fact, this may be one of the ways expecting parents manage anxiety about the task ahead! Just try to avoid judging other parents to their faces.

    Why I can’t stand helicopter parents

  • Your Pregnancy 30 of 32

    30: Check with your doctor before flying

    Your Pregnancy: Month 5: Check with your doctor before flying Most airlines will let you travel pregnant up to about 36 weeks, just before term (which is at 37 weeks). This is not heavily enforced, but it’s advisable to check with your care provider about traveling near or after 37 weeks.

    Tips for traveling while pregnant

  • Your Pregnancy 31 of 32

    31: Pregnancy isn't an illness

    Your Pregnancy: Month 5: Pregnancy isn't an illness Pregnant women are not sick, but it can feel that way with all the check-ups and pregnancy “symptoms.” Pregnancy and birth are perfectly normal physiological events. Sometimes it’s reassuring to remember this

    Birthing classes can teach you not to panic

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