Pregnancy Olympics: Putting Shoes On


As if things aren’t getting rough enough as it is… I found yet another new Olympic event that is becoming more and more challenging with my increasingly growing belly… Putting on my shoes.

Sounds like a simple task right?  Not so much when you have a giant belly, and you aren’t the tallest person either.

As if having to go buy a new pair of shoes this weekend was bad enough (because my feet have gone up yet another half size) since getting pregnant this time… the whole having to ask for help with shoes is becoming slightly humiliating.

Last night after I got the kids ready to head out for dinner, I looked at my husband and mumbled… Can you help me?

With what?  Um…. and while hanging my head in shame I said: putting my shoes on. As he laughed at me he helped…

But I think the most amused by the whole shoe Olympics in my house is my three year old. Every time we are preparing to leave the house, he runs to grab my shoes and actually offer help. It is incredibly adorable, now if he only knew how to tie!

photo: Knapek

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