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BEST BIG SCREEN | Summer Infant Day & Night Flat Screen

7″ Video Monitor


If you really want to see your baby up-close and personal (without going into the room), consider the Summer Infant Day & Night Flat Screen 7″ Video Monitor. Seven inches might not sound like much, but compared to the 1.8″-2.5″ handheld monitors, this monitor provides much greater detail. The baby unit swivels and tilts to help you get the perfect angle, and the 7″ screen has wall and under-cabinet mounting hardware as well as a built-in carry handle. If you want the “big” screen as well as a handheld, you can get the flat screen with an extra audio-only handheld monitor. Or check out Summer Infant’s Complete Coverage Monitor set that includes a baby unit, a 7″ flat screen monitor and a 1.8″ color handheld monitor.

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