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BEST VALUE | MOBI MobiCam Audio Video Baby Monitoring System


The 900 MHz MobiCam Audio Video Baby Monitor offers an affordable way to keep eyes on your little one. The parent handset, while a bit hefty and not something you’d want to carry in your pocket, has a 2″ color LCD display and all of your needed adjustments (volume, brightness, modes, etc.) right at your fingertips as external buttons. We were impressed with the clear picture during day and night, as well as the crisp audio. The MobiCam also offers a Voice Activated mode, and an audio-only mode and includes A/V connectors to hook the monitor up to your TV. Our one wish is that the camera pointed down more – the current design allows the camera ball to face all the way up (useless), but might not point down far enough to get a good view of the crib depending on your nursery set-up. MOBI also offers an optional Internet kit ($46.45) that allows users to watch the monitor from anywhere the web is available – great for frequent travelers, long-distance relatives and military families.

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