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As the trimesters tick by and your pre-pregnancy bras become snug and uncomfortable, it's time to head to the maternity lingerie section. While it might be tempting to just buy a regular bra in a larger size, maternity bras are specifically designed to support breasts that seem to grow by the hour.

If you're planning on breastfeeding, you might want to skip past maternity bras and invest in a few nursing maternity bras, which have a convenient drop-down feature for easy and discreet feeding. Again, these bras are specifically designed to provide the support and comfort needed for heavier breasts that fill and empty throughout the day.

Most importantly, investing in a well fitting, quality maternity bra is absolutely crucial for your body both now and in the future. If you don't have the proper support now, you could feel the strain in your shoulders and back - and don't you have enough aches already? Plus, having adequate support can help prevent stretch marks.

In order to help you on your quest for the ultimate maternity and/or nursing bra, we compiled our favorites for every preference, budget and lifestyle.

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Readers’ Choice | La Leche League Padded Contour

Best Maternity Bras: La Leche League Padded Contour



If you’re going to trust your nursing breasts to anyone, why not to Le Leche League? One of our testers pin-pointed this bra as her very favorite – one that she’d wear on a daily basis. Because it’s an underwire bra, we recommend finding a specialty shop that can properly fit you.

Get it from La Leche League, $32

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