Top 50 Pregnancy Facebook Fan Pages

Pregnancy raises a lot of questions, and these days there's no shortage of answers. "Experts" are everywhere - on TV, in magazines, in line at the grocery store - telling you what to do, when to do it, and how to feel about it. While it can be wonderful to have so many points of view to consider, the information overload can also be confounding. Increasingly, parents are turning to Facebook fan pages to help them filter all the headlines, advice and opinions. It was difficult to select 50 out of the wide range of Facebook pages out there, but you'll see a mix of big, recognizable names and some less well-known, but equally "like"-able ones, too. I hope you find this list helpful and even add some of these fan-worthy pages to your custom feed. Don't see your favorite fan page on the list? Tell us and nominate it here! - Ceridwen Morris

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Midwife Thinking

Top 50 Pregnancy Facebook Fan Pages - Midwife Thinking



Midwife Thinking’s Rankings

Why you’ll “like” it: The Midwife Thinking blog was started by Rachel Reed, a midwife, lecturer and PhD candidate who lives in Australia. Reed, a self-described “birth nerd,” is so enthusiastic about how childbirth works it’s infectious. Her excitement and expertise make for a riveting and reassuring blog and Facebook page. She regularly posts videos, noteworthy studies, blog entries and articles and her personal opinions.


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