Top 25 Pregnancy Android Apps 2011

Expectant parents have always been hungry for information, advice, and support. But these days, you don't have to lug around a stack of pregnancy books or call your doctor every five minutes. Instead load up your Android phone with these apps to turn it into a pregnancy journal, reference, and guidebook; community portal; contraction timer; and relaxation device - all in one. While your phone won't replace your doctor or your partner, it will certainly make everyone's lives easier (including yours, mom-to-be)! And if we missed an Android app you love, feel free to nominate it here! - Sonya Mukherjee

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BabyCenter My Pregnancy Today

Top 25 Pregnancy Android Apps 2011: BabyCenter My Pregnancy Today



BabyCenter My Pregnancy Today’s Rankings

For daily tips, reminders, and updates on fetal development and the progress of your pregnancy, BabyCenter’s app is as helpful as they come. Simply enter your due date (or let the app calculate it for you) and you’ll get new tips and information each day. Some days include pictures, videos, or healthy recipes. The daily reminders range from “Take your prenatal vitamin” to “Do something nice for yourself,” and you can check off each one when it’s complete. You’ll also get mobile access to BabyCenter’s online community and the option to install a large, information-filled widget.

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