Pregnancy Questions - Ask Them!


pregnancy is weird

Is this your first pregnancy? or your third? or sixth? Each pregnancy is different. And let’s face it.. each pregnancy is WEIRD.  There are something that happen with pregnancy and child birth that no one tells you about.

It took until my 3rd pregnancy, hearing a friend who is a little more vocal than myself talking about situations that made me realize – WAIT. I AM NOT ALONG. These things happen to everyone! PRAISE JESUS! I”M NOT WEIRD – PREGNANCY IS!The beauty of the internet is there is you don’t have to be shy about asking. There are all kinds of weird pregnancy symptoms as well as birth and delivery situations in which you would think someone would be kidding. Nope. It’s all real, it’s no joke – but YES – it is WEIRD. Pregnancy as normal as it seems – is a STRANGE beast.

So preggos – tell me…

What Questions Do You Have About Pregnancy?