Top 50 Pregnancy Essentials


When asked to compile a list of the 50 most essential items for pregnancy, I was about
39 weeks pregnant and ready to pop with my second baby. Having gone through two pregnancies pretty much back-to-back and feeling like I had been pregnant for two years straight, it wasn't too hard to compile this list simply because these are all items that were extremely useful to me. I hope they prove useful to you, as well. If I've left out an item that you loved or found to be essential during your pregnancy, make sure to tell us here. - Stevee Curtis

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Mama Spanx Maternity Full-Length Pantyhose

Top 50 Pregnancy Essentials: Mama Spanx Maternity Full-Length Pantyhose



Mama Spanx Maternity Full-Length Pantyhose

Do you wear pantyhose to work, or do you have an occasion where you need to wear some pantyhose? Mama Spanx Maternity Full-Length Pantyhose are the ones you want to purchase. These Spanx really do “deliver a cradle of comfort” to pregnant moms. They are ultra soft, offer ample belly support, and yet manage not to be too constricting. They are definitely an item you want to add to your pregnancy repertoire.

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