Top 50 Pregnancy Essentials

When asked to compile a list of the 50 most essential items for pregnancy, I was about 39 weeks pregnant and ready to pop with my second baby. Having gone through two pregnancies pretty much back-to-back and feeling like I had been pregnant for two years straight, it wasn't too hard to compile this list simply because these are all items that were extremely useful to me. I hope they prove useful to you, as well. If I've left out an item that you loved or found to be essential during your pregnancy, make sure to tell us here. - Stevee Curtis

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Low-fat vanilla bean ice cream

Top 50 Pregnancy Essentials: Low-fat vanilla bean ice cream



Low-fat vanilla bean ice cream

This is a little secret my mom passed on to me and I’m now sharing with you: vanilla bean ice cream helps relieve nausea. I’m not sure how exactly it works, but low-fat dairy supposedly soothes the stomach. I prefer to keep it simple, but I’m sure other flavors work just as well. So go on, enjoy that craving – it’s “good” for you! (Pickles optional.)

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7 thoughts on “Top 50 Pregnancy Essentials 2011

  1. Marcia Day says:

    This is for you, Ginger@

  2. Anonymous says:

    Mmm, bubble bath…good choice for number one!

  3. Chassidy says:

    Hey, that’s poewrful. Thanks for the news.

  4. Betty says:

    This list ends at #36!! Any way to fix it so it continues? This list is soo helpful and I must know the rest!!!

  5. rachel says:

    What do you recommend for the best maternity leggings?

  6. Laura says:

    Isn’t taking a warm bath a no-no during pregnancy???

  7. Crystal says:

    I had the same problem with the list ending at #36 but if you go up to the top and click on the “gear” link and select the first choice it brings you back to the list at #38 and the rest are visible from there.

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