Pregnancy Should Come With A 7th Inning Stretch

I’m halfway through my pregnancy and I am so very fortunate that everything has been healthy, normal, and easy so far. No barfing, no acne, no scary test results. Just the slow, steady progress of a healthy pregnancy and the attendant symptoms like peeing three times per night, gaining 15 pounds in 20 weeks, and, um, hemorrhoids. I know. Sex-y.

But just because a pregnancy is going well and I’m able to go about life mostly as usual doesn’t mean its having no effect on me. There’s a mental strain that comes with pregnancy that’s unlike anything else I’ve experienced and it starts to drag on me after a while. I’m physically more tired now and there are pregnancy aches and pains manifesting that I know will get worse before they get better. The end of pregnancy seems a long way off.

What I’d like at this point is a day or two off from being pregnant. A 7th inning stretch, if you will. Just a small break to be normal for a day or two.

Pregnancy is one of the few things in life that doesn’t go quicker as you repeat it and get good at it. I always say nothing shortens pregnancy or roadtrips, no matter how much you might wish the second trip was quicker. But with roadtrips, at least you can get out of the car for lunch or to walk around and break up the process a bit. Pregnancy offers no such break. You just keep being pregnant for (hopefully) 40 long weeks.

But wouldn’t that chance to stop and stretch be delicious? I dream of what I’d do if I could sneak away from my pregnancy. I’d like to have a glass of wine with my husband or a beer with girlfriends. I’d like a second cup of coffee in the morning. I want my whole lap available for my son to sit it while we read stories instead of having to divert him to the space beside me. I’d like to feel confident picking him up – either to comfort him or haul his tantruming butt to the car when it’s time to go. I’d like to sleep through the night without multiple bathroom trips and the ever-more-arduous process of shifting my growing body from one position to another. I’d like to rise from the couch without feeling those extra 15 pounds dragging at my knees and hips. I’d like my backne to clear up.

I know I need to get over myself and focus on being grateful that everything is going so well, so far. I know that pregnancy is a positive experience and I should focus on reaching the goal of having a baby in my arms. But everyone needs a rest sometimes, and daydreaming about merlot or full-contact cuddles with my toddler gives me a little pick-me up when my back aches and my bladder clamors to be emptied again.

What would you do with a day off from being pregnant?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago
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