Pregnancy the Third Time Around is STILL Different....


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I thought for sure after I had two babies that I knew what pregnancy was all about.  I mean…come on…I’d done it twice!  Plus, I’ve had both a boy and a girl.  There were some definite differences in their pregnancies, though similarities too.  So, I can totally do pregnancy now, right?


This time around is definitely more similar to my “girl” pregnancy than my “boy” pregnancy in a lot of ways, and so that has been my guess on what I’m having this time (though we’re not finding out).  But it’s also been strikingly different than both my other pregnancies too.  At times I’ve thought, “Gee, I must be having twins or something, this is so weird!”  I’ve even had purple dreams.  (Before you think I’m a freak, like my husband did when I told him, let me explain.  In my dream, I saw purple instead of blue or pink — a combination of both.  And I told someone that I could not really figure out whether I was having a boy or a girl because this is so different.)

Today I’m writing in my pregnancy journal over at my blog.  You can read more about my crazy symptoms and pregnancy differences over there!

If you’ve had multiple pregnancies (as in, more than one pregnancy — not twins!!), were your experiences different in unexpected ways?  How so?

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